Star Wars: LOR


The main files necessary to play are distributed over NWSync. This means you can just join the server and get the files!
However, there are a few files which aren't distributed this way. You will need to manually install these if you would like them.

File Name Description Instructions Download
GUI Override This overrides the graphics of your user interface. It will affect all servers do you will need to move it out of your override folder if you no longer wish to use it. Extract all files to your My Documents/Neverwinter Nights/override directory. Download
SWLOR Haks These are the DEVELOPMENT-ONLY hakpaks. If you only want to play, you DO NOT need these. Simply connect to the server to get the files and start playing. Extract all files to your "My Documents/Neverwinter Nights/" directory. Read the included Readme if you'd like to host your own server. Download